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Best Compression Utility


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i like winrar, but there has been some instances where ive seen a zip thats smaller than if i tried to rar it (because i have and the rar is bigger, on best and solid archive) the zip was made using 7zip or whatever is called, i dont know how though
7zip uses a better algorith than rar and winzip :)

I still like winrar for its convinience, though there are better compression methods out and about.
Actually, you will see visca versa for compressions. WinRar is still the best utility for zipping and raring files up. But when it comes to either Raring or Zipping files in terms of compression, it all depends on what you are compressing. Larger files such as CDs or DVDs worth of data, are usually best to be .rar because if you are transfering the files over the internet, they will transfer faster because you can split up a DVD into as many files as you choose. Whereas with .zip, you're limited to 1 large file. In some cases, you will see them at a comparable compression size if not leaning in one way or another. But that wasn't what you asked. What program is the best?



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I have been using WinRAR farther back then I can remember. Although the compression is a bit off, Windows XP has a utility built in as well. The advantage there obviously is there is no cost involved, whereas WinZIP and WinRAR both are shareware.


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When I first started using computers, it was of course WinZIP, but for the last 5 or more years I have been using WinRAR, has the ability to do everything and is one of the best out there.
i kinda like 7zip. compresses stuff pretty well. not sure exactly how well it compares to Rar's... think it's usually on-par or slightly better..... not sure.


think even Guru3D used 7zip files for a short time..... or at least one site i remember used to..... don't remember. maybe Guru3D still does.......

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