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25 Jan 2003
Update: I finally got hounded into buying the game by my buddies since the V1.05 patch came out today.

The demo bugs all seem to be gone or are so rare they aren't worth worrying about and several exploits have been fixed in the V1.05 patch. I can't beleive anyone came by scores of 150k this soon after release legitimately.

The ad's are there (adrenoline beer from Intel and some others I was dying too fast to read). They are fairly unobtrusive so far.

The map colors are pretty dreary compared to UT2004, BF & BF2. Very lacking in eye candy appeal. Some are all brown and white or grey and white. This is intentional, but not what I pay big bucks on HW to see.

The initial bare bones kits are pretty wimpy and you need to rack up the unlock points fast unless you enjoy being slaughtered by superior firepower.

The air ground firepower is more uniformly distributed than in BF2. Ground pounding is actually survivable.

Some of the vehicles and weapons are still kind of flaky in my opinion. Weird aiming and control.

The ideas ripped from Tribes (cloaks, auto implantable gun turrets) have way too much force multiplier in them and should be rebalanced. Same for the walker's, they have too much of an edge over other weapon systems. This advantage may go away as the unlocks start streaming in. But if you want to survive and get points grab a walker!

Back to the game.

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