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Bald new look for Britney Spears

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American pop star Britney Spears has revealed her latest look - a completely shaven head.

She was spotted by fans and paparazzi in a Los Angeles tattoo parlour minus her trademark mane of blonde hair.

A tattoo artist at the Body and Soul parlour told KABC television that Ms Spears was tattooed with "cute little lips on her wrist".

Ms Spears is reported to have recently checked in to an Antigua rehabilitation centre and checked out one day later.

Staff at the tattoo parlour said she appeared unannounced on Friday night and stayed 90 minutes while she was tattooed.

Afterwards she was bundled by her minders into a waiting SUV with her head completely covered by a hood
So guy's is bald really beautiful? :laugh:


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I watched the video on youtube and it is true! She got shaved! ohhh my baldly! This girl is really insane about things happened to her life, or is she pertaining for another popularity scene? Well I guess she win for that! all media are looking at her right now and trying to get some gossip of why she made this to her self.


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Is that true that Britney is afraid to lead in what happen to Nichole Smith's fate? I heard that in the news, also she needs a Psychiatric advise. Ohh my is she insane?

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