ASUS a7V 333 Mobo + this?



I'm considering buying a ASUS a7V 333 Mobo to go with the following components:

AMD Athlon XP 2100+ 1.73GHz Processor Retail w/Fan and Heatsink
Gainward GeForce4 PowerPack! Ultra/650XP Golden SampleTi4200
Leadtek WinFast TV2000XP Delux DVR
2 times Kingston 512MB DDR333 PC2700 Memory
Western Digital Caviar Special Edition WD800JB 80GB ATA/100 7200RPM Hard Drive w/8MB Buffer
Liteon LTD163 16x DVD
Lite On 40X12X48 CDRW Model: LTR40125S
SONY CRT MONITOR Multiscan® E540 21"
Floppy Drive
Smart Link V92 PCI Modem
WindowsXP Home Edition
Antec PLUS660 w/330W

I built the above system last November using a
Soyo SY-K333 Dragon Ultra Platinum Edition Via KT333, and have had many problems (freezes). I've read about similar problems with this mobo+Nvidia graphic card+WinXP.

Does the Asus a7V 333 seem like a good choice for my components?


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u might be expericing the freezing cuz ure power supply isnt powerful engouh, get a 350 at least or 400 just to be on the safe side


Power supply? I thought of that way back when. Someone said that my brand name power supply "Antec" was enough. My problems started as soon as I put the system together before I had my TV tuner card. I checked for IRQ conflicts and saw that my modem card was sharing IRQ 11 with my graphic card. I tried every slot for the modem and it always wanted to share 11 with my vid card. I removed the modem card and my problems went away. I tried 3 different pci modems and all caused sharing and freezes. So I went with a serial external modem, and my freezes dissapeared. I added the TV tuner card which did not try to share IRQ11. It shares IRQ 10 with a Via USB universal host controller.
I also added a USB scanner. No problems or freezes at first. About 2 months ago I started getting the freezes again. Always when I was connected to the internet. I'm pretty much at a loss other than I am guareented imediate freezes if i install a pci modem. My freezes might be unrelated. Who knows???????
So, I'm taking a chance that it might be mobo related.


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get the same power supply i have its really good and powerfull or if u dont have the $$ just get a normal 400w antec or enermax
Here's my guess for the trouble maker.

Gainward GeForce4 PowerPack! Ultra/650XP Golden SampleTi4200

The "golden sample" is overclocked at the factory. The GPU chipset is not rated by Nvidia for the speed gainward sets it to. I thought this was just fine since gainward said it would work. After 9 months I started getting crashes that got continually worse until it was a couple times a night. I then slowed the gainward GPU clock speed down to the nvidia spec's and it worked stable for a while. Then after 2 months the crashes started up again. Finally the gainward golden sample died completely (conveniently 1 month after the warantee ran out).

Try reducing the GPU and memory clock speeds to the Nvidia specs for the TI-4200.

I'll never buy another gainward or overclock a vid card again!

Note: I have not had one crash since I put the Radeon 9500 PRO in 6 weeks ago. :)

BTW 330 W antec should be fine. I'm running a 300 W with a similar system load out.


How do i reduce the clock speeds? Where do I find the Nvidia specs for the TI-4200? Using the EXPERTool program that came with the card, I have the Core Clock Setting and Memory Clock Setting set to Safe Mode Settings which are 250MHz and 446MHz respectivly. Is this what you mean?

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