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any1 from Jeddah?

hey is there ne1 from Jeddah? if so then do u know where i cud get a athlon 64? im gettin my new rig soon and i was thinkin of AMD cuz im kinda fed up with intel( maybe after dual core?). so do u no any places in jeddah? thanx
nope i live in jeddah near khalid bin walid street, der r about a 1000 comp stores near me but i dun think they hav any amd besides durons. hey themafia_69 do u know how much they cost in riyals? say a athlon 64 3200+ and a decent mobo?
hey did u just convert them from dollars? cuz the prices here r pretty high. a 3.2 here is about 920sr while in the states about 850sr.

btw are u saudi/arab? or am i being too personal?
no i meant if got the price like in dollars from say a US site and coverted them to riyals (by dividing by 3.756)? or did u get the price from sum salseperson at a local store. btw do u hav any sites belonging to saudi comp shops, im actually interested in the products section?

heres one ICC -> international computer company

but they dun hav any amd :(.


High On Life!
we have icc here, dont have amd, no those are prices here retail, i was estimating too, i usually get my stuff from the states though, btw where are u from?
man u say sumthing about the government and if sum1 hears ya, u cud get imprisoned indefinately, hey its 2:30 am go to sleep!

btw did u notice were the only ones posting in eachothers threads............ yawn. oh and Eid Mubarak. t'was a gud eid for me made over 1,000 riyals hehe!


High On Life!
bastard :p me too kinda from my parents but they went to egypt so they gave me money for the week, but its all good, i dont like to think about money, money is an evil thing imo
yes money is the root of evil, i agree with you totaly. so heres what ill do for you, gimme all your money and you wont have to worry sbout a thing............. c im so helpful right? you cud reward me by giving me some reps......

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