Annoying Security Warnings!


High On Life!
This is soo annoying after installing sp2, anytime i open some type of files it asks me, and i dont want it to, i know what im opening and what im not, and even if u tell it to not ask you again, it asks, its really annoying, is there some registry setting or somthing to disable this?



High On Life!
ohh and it also keeps turning on the firewall which i ****ing hate its soo annoying u turn it off and tell it to stop bugging u and it turns it back on without asking!


High On Life!
my school is sooo stupid, they got infected like 2 weeks ago with the sasser worm, after i told them like last year about the patch and had it on my usb and they said no no its ok we update our virus scan, im like that has nothing to do with it u idiots, then at an assembly they were like trying to blame it on the students, and they called themselves very good with pcs and we will find out where it came from, man i can do the computer peoples jobs they are sooo damn stupid!


High On Life!
btw its doin that cuz im opening it from my friend after recieving it in msn messenger, but wtf i dont want it asking me thats soo damn annoying!

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