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It seems that most users here are AMD fans. I am building my first PC and I would like to know if you guys can give me some

Definitive concrete factual reasons to purchase AMD rather than Intel.
This has been discussed many time in the forums just hit the search button on the top right hand side, and do a search on it.

Everybody has an opinion, but the key is, form your own opinion, after all it's your machine, not anybody else.



The number one reason is where AMD always wins and that is Price/Performance area. For the money you pay, you will get performance on par and in a lot of cases better than Intel.

To tell you the truth. Which ever way you decide to go, you will have a good system. It's just gonna cost you more one way than the other that's all.


I would go Intel if I could afford due to RD RAM being so much faster than any ddr. Also, some new p4 boards support the new type of RD RAM which aparently flies.

I would go scsi if i could afford 2 but sadly i'm a poor homeless person who has just broken into an internet cafe!
o no, i hear sirens,


Originally posted by contender
The number one reason is where AMD always wins and that is Price/Performance area. For the money you pay, you will get performance on par and in a lot of cases better than Intel.
This is very true. More bang for the buck, basically.


cpu buying

I built up my pc about 6 months ago now. I paid for an AMD Athlon 1400. At the time i didn't know much about computer so when i configured it and ended up with 1.06GHz I thought it was my fault. Now I want to buy a new cpu but I've heard that the Athlon xps don't run at the speed they say they do. I have a catologue that says the 1700+ runs at 1.47GHz (is this true). also they are charging £99.87 (approx $150) for it. If anyone knows any good suppliers in the UK or that deliver to the UK please let me know.

AMD Athlon 1100 running 1.155GHz
Asus socket A motherboard
40GB Seagate HDD
256MB SDRAM (info on next price drop would be appreciated)
Geforce 2 mx400 64MB
CD-RW r32 w16 rw10
dvd r14
17" Phillips monitor

Thanks in advance


My last two systems have been PV 1.6a systems. Before that I built nothing but AMD.
AMD used to have the PRICE/PERFORMANCE lead but NOT ANY MORE!!
If you are an overclocker than there is NOTHING better right now than a PIV 1.6a (northwood) out there....PERIOD!

I also run SCSI and will tell you that VIA chipsets don't score good when using SCSI drives. Especially Dynamic volume Raid arrays!! Intel chipsets are way better in that regard.

Just my opinion!


The reason for doing this is that your AthlonXP 1600+ outperforms an Pentium 4 1.6ghz..even though the AthlonXP is only 1.4ghz...they are trying to show the world that clock speed does NOT equal performance....the Pentium4s don't perform as well as their competitive AthlonXPs...they do have the fastest processor out now, however.
What are you basing this on? AMD wins some Intel wins some...you are not bias just look at your sig!!



It's an Thunderbird not xp. I probably should have said that.

Full cpu details : AMD Athlon M4 (thunderbird) 1.1GHz running 1.155GHz


I read the title "AMD's 0.13-micron Thoroughbred - Cool but Slipping at 2200+"
Pretty much sums up AMD as of late! I really do hope they do get back into the game. I don't want to see only Intel 'cuz then we'll all pay!


It really just depends on how much money you have. If you have a lot of money, IE enough to afford a GOOD pentium 4 system, with a 2.4Ghz 533mhz fsb cpu, then do so and get motherboard that supports rambus. If you dont have enough for that, get a Athlon System. I would rather have an amd cpu over intel because of the price/performance ratio, but a P4 with rambus at 2.4ghz or better will outperform all Athlons right now. So if i were rich id get that but im not.


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All of you, and especally GraveLayer, to each his own. GraveLayer, if you like Intel, good, good for you. More people here prefer AMDs. it really just comes down to a little price/performance, but then it is really what you want to have. I like to have an AMD, I have always liked them. When you overclock an AMD, you are raising it to 2200+ levels and so forth (for me anyways). It is good for me. And your intel is good for you. But 1 qestion, does your 1.6 perform on par if not better then other 2.3 systems?


But 1 qestion, does your 1.6 perform on par if not better then other 2.3 systems?
My 2303 is running at 144fsb thats a system bus of 576Mhz to you non-Intel fans. I think it would pretty much wax ANY 2300Mhz system around!!

I have a Duron 800 in one of my computers, and did used to ONLY build AMD. That was then and this is now. I overclock and Intel is King in Overclocking.....right now anyway. When AMD regains the OC crown, in ever, I'll buy one of 'em!


in the long run

I know that the P4 right now is the fasted processor available, (not the cheapest), and the Athlon XP is pretty darn fast at 1.8 GHz probably about equal to 2.3B Ghz on a P4...

Here's my issue... almost everybody hates intel, but for some reason they're still in business. The reason why is because they're one of the best companies in the world, and everybody hates the big guys. I'll admit that the Athlon Price/Performance ratio is in AMD's favor (big time), but just a couple years ago, AMD was charging $858 for the 700Mhz Athlon and more than $1000 for 1.0Ghz athlon. My point is, Intel has always listened to the public on what they want, and they've came a long way since the first P4, so give them a little credit... and I may lean towards Intel in terms of companies, but that does mean I will never buy AMD. I just prefer comanies that been proved year after year.

Oh and by the way, all you people praising Hammer CPU's, AMD's own Jerry Sanders said not to expect too much, and stop bringing all this hype to the new processor. And Intel has a little trick up their sleeve with Prescott and Yamhill...

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