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acura legend 1991 speedometer problems...help?


Time Dr. Freeman?
yeah so i was driving to school this morning...it's cold as hell, i don't know if that has anything do to with it. anyway a minute or two on my way the speedometer went down to 0 mph, the mileage doesn't move anymore...and the D4 light started blinking. however, the rev meter stilll works. what must i do to fix stuff? any ideas? help? thanks in advance.

edit: restarting the car doesn't work


Prodigal Son
On a 91 Acura it is more likely an electric sending unit versus a speedo cable. I would suggest having the sending unit looked at. If not the sending unit, there could be a bad component in the speedo itself. Gonaads might be able to give some insight when he comes on.


Time Dr. Freeman?
i hope it's something i can fix without spending too much money, more importantly something that can be fixed quickly (my dad gets back in 3 days and i need to have his car fixed by then). thanks for the info. any ideas on where i might take it in and/or the estimated price? i'll check my manual in a few minutes and post back if i find anything.


Time Dr. Freeman?
well all the manual says is that if the D4 light is blinking instead of solid, i might have a problem with the transmission and that i should take it in. on the way home the speedometer needle went crazy at one point, and now it works, except not really. it seems really slow, and if i accelerate quickly, the needle doesn't accomodate that speed. weird.

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