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16mb cache


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they've been out for a while now. the last time i checked on HDs was back in december just before i postponed my upgrade. lol :p


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yea those hard drives have been out for a while but i wonder if its a big difference

im planning on buying a new system soon but with all this 754 939 socket mobos and 64-bit chips out i dont know what to do maybe ill wait for the new intel chips to come down in price and but intel all over again

not sure :p
i'll see about it next month if i have enough money to get one, i also wanna get the ati tv adapter (pci) like 70 dollars w/o the remote
they are pointless. i had one at work with a normal seagate 7200 rpm at 8mb, and a WD raptor and the 16MB drive sucked. it was horrable. and the trick is that if you have an AMD or even an Nvidia chipset you dont need anythiong over 8 because with windows it will take care of it if you system is fast enough and well with nvidia enhanced IDE and sata there is no need.
the 16Mb maxtors are just shy of WD raptors performance wise provided you dont raid them, soon as you raid them they get left behind by the raptors.

So yes you will benefit hugely from the 16mb cache drives. They are also better value for money than the WD raptors which are too small and too expensive.
non raided we never saw any perforamce increase from the drive. it was a tad bit faster on smal files but when you move more than a GB it did nothing. and when it was a 10gb archive. it went to a crawl. if you want speed then i would sugest a raid of what ever drives with no more than 8mb on them and in the raid for speed do 128 chunk size,

but yes i know its a larger number. and mp3's may seem a bit faster but when we had them all in the same P4 boxex with a ghosted OS it was nothing special
no IDE hard drive will be fast with long large sustained data transfer, they simply aren't built for it. If thats the sort of work you are doing day in day out you seriously need to look at scsi.

The average desktop user such as myself and fishboy will see more performance and get a better deal interms of $$ per GB with the 16MB Maxtor than with a 36 or 80GB WD raptor.

My reccomendation is the larger sized Maxtor or if you are doing long large sustained trasnfers of data everyday or atleast regularly invest in scsi.

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