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    win xp 64-bit question

    Yes, there will be some performance improvements Get it as you have a 64 bit processor
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    win xp 64-bit question

    WinXP 64 is not out yet, and wont be till first half of '05
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    Shutting down sevices in dos

    Is there a way to shut down services from dos? I need to shut down fast user swiching to access my machine from work but all I have to work with is dos :( Cheers
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    File Sharing Programs?

    I use Shareaze (sp ?!?) Great for searching but a bit slow aon downloads :( Anyone else use it?
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    Home to Pro

    Money... who said anything about buying :D
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    Home to Pro

    I was wondering if you could update from windows xp home to profestional edition without a total reinstall? If it is possible could anyone tell me how?
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    Boot problems

    Cheers thanks alot I dont have a xp home disk but I can boot recovery console from the hard drive
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    Boot problems

    I have a problem with my boot sector I think, and I don't know how to fix it :( . I had xp home installed on hda and I installed red hat 9 on hdb. I decided to install grub boot loaded because I didn't have a boot loader. It worked fine my first two reboots but then it said hard drive error. I...
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    UK Domain Registration

    Err why don't you use Its only 1p per name FFS!!!
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    Hosting company's/ packages

    On the posting of this thread... ... kinda gave me the idea to ask you more knowledgeble people about web hosting :) I need a cheap hosting package for a small website for manily practising on but also to host a small web site that...
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    500MB FREE WebSpace

    Is the offer for people in the US only. I am from the UK, do you think I could put and old zip code in?!? I really need this web space! :(
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    dumb*** Limeshop

    Sounds like spyware? Do you have adaware? If you do run it and it should go away, otherwise go to to download it :)
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    iPod Mini

    I had a 128mb mp3 player. It broke. I think its because I dropped it, but anyway mp3 players seem to be very flimsy and I don't like that! So thats why I bought an netMD because it has bit of weight and body :rolleyes:
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    iPod Mini

    Don't buy an Mp3 player get a net Mini Disc. Unlimited storage (except you have to have discs) and I think they look so much better!
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    Valve's Steam

    I will be Tabletop Expert when I get round to reinstalling it. Not played it in ages.