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    Cannot update!

    Thanks.But on which page I can find the links?
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    Cannot update!

    I had done all that you told me,but it did't works for me.
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    Cannot update!

    Cannot load windows update page successfully on my windows xp home edition!Always stop when showing the following messege: Checking for the latest version of the Windows Update software... Depending on your connection speed, this might take a minute. During this time, you may receive one...
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    Great free software

    I cannot see a security tab after reboot,why?Where can I find it?
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    Great free software

    Thanks perris,I will have a try!
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    Great free software

    But I need to use it everyday and my os was windows xp home edition.So either hide or set a password seems not a good idea for me.
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    Great free software

    Is there a program which could help me to stop others to delete my documents?Thx!
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    Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird and other Gecko-based software discussion (Part 2)

    How to insert smilies in Thunderbird? Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5+ (20040326) Mac OS X 10.3.3 I cannot find the toolbar in the compose window. :( Who can help me?THX!
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    Opera and related applications discussion

    I had finished installed opera 7.50 on my Mac Os X 10.3.3. It works perfect and looks nice.Maybe it will replace Gecko based explorers and become my default browser.
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    Safari and Tabbed browsing

    How to open new tab by clicking address in the bookmarks bar folder?
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    How to design a website just using PHOTOSHOP?

    look I had done a simple example.It looks fit the 800x600 screen,but it looks ugly on my screen(1280x1024).My newbie question is how to make it looks like the ,it looks fit the 800x600 and even my 1280x1024 screen. I want to use html to make it looks better.But how...
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    Are there any good and free programs for Mac OS ?

    I think I need a virus scan tool now.Which one is better?
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    Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird and other Gecko-based software discussion (Part 1)

    How to set proxies to access the Internet in Camino?I cannot find the settings in the preferences.
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    About Fink

    SpeedY_B,it is so strange!I can use fink to install wget.I don't know what happened when I tryied to install Gimp.May be I need nm?What is "nm"?
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    About Fink

    Ok, I will have a try!Thanks!