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    Why this is only my 3rd post blah blah blah...

    lol OK I was just trying to provoke a reaction and lo! I did. Now I'm going to kick the dog, go to work and argue with my boss all day! I am perfectly prepared to admit when I have been an idiot and this is one of those sterling moments. I will not drink and post I will not drink and...
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    Why this is only my 3rd post blah blah blah...

    Perris said a 'welcome back' to me in the tweaks thread...made me realize that I rarely post here anymore and I wanted to share my mixed feelings on NTFS and what it has become to me...random rantings over a glass of beer I guess. First, I gotta say sometimes NTFS seems like such an elitist...
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    Our Favorite Tweaks

    um, that was it,
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    Our Favorite Tweaks

    Open up your volume control panel. Type CTRL-s. See. [dealer edit] audio control panel [/dealer edit]
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    Windows XP Service Pack 2 Info

    You're all getting to be a bunch of old chicken**** me!!!! Remember the early days of this site when everybody was trying out the latest betas of the latest and greatest OS.... Everybody take a few moments to laugh at yourselves.
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    do you Floppy or Not?

    I have a floppy and for one purpose only: installing SATA drivers during XP installs. I don't think there's any other way.
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    American 10 pin bowling

    I've never bowled in my life, but we're facing 4 more months of winter, so I may just talk to the fam about giving it a go...
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    connecting to aol without the software

    I'm intrigued. What is this AOL? Internet access for 'tards?
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    Kitty to good home

    it's that guy from Tenacious D, isn't it?
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    Return of the King thread

    heh heh, that's how i felt about the first one, which should have won a special oscar for "longest-winded speech within a death scene with an arrow in your chest."
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    good credit to Bush

    props to Tony, then, as well
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    Best Start to ever maan!

    Monty Python - The Lumberjack Song
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    Hard Drive Cooling?

    Ummm, even if you use rubber washers I assume you'll still be using metal screws which should ground your hard drive just fine. Perhaps you're using those newfangled wooden screws? Of course I could be wrong.:o