Why this is only my 3rd post blah blah blah...


Confused and Bewildered
12 Feb 2002
Perris said a 'welcome back' to me in the tweaks thread...made me realize that I rarely post here anymore and I wanted to share my mixed feelings on NTFS and what it has become to me...random rantings over a glass of beer I guess.

First, I gotta say sometimes NTFS seems like such an elitist bunch of prigs, bestowing titles on each other...I mean, really very nice prigs, of course, the NICEST in fact, but jeez it seems like half the members are mods now...what the hell's up wid dat anyway????


I need another beer. Insert beer break here.

On the other hand I read almost every post that has to do with tweaks, hardware probs and solutions, jokes, etc. And most others as well. I visit here umpteen times a day like everyone else. BUT I COULD REALLY CARE LESS ABOUT CONTRIBUTING.

Which is probably because most of my posts usually come across as very very sarcastic. And a little caustic. To me, anyway. Also I am lazy.

I'm not sure why I'm even posting this...I guess NTFS has kind of become this family that I can't live without but wish I could. By the way, you have all become a bunch of old chicken****s who wouldn't dare do anything without backing up first. What happened to the weeks when we stayed up till 3am twice on consecutive days doing fresh installs just because WE COULD?? Now you're all scared of Service Pack II mwahahhahahahaha.

And what happened to all the mwahahahahahahas?

And why can't I view 100 posts on a single web page? I know how to scroll, dammit.

Wow, another beer gone.

So how's everybody been? :cool:
ahhh... yeah. Maybe you need to not drink and post.
umm... thanks?

1st of all you have to tell ppl to backup everything as some ppl no matter what you say don't 1) follow directions 2) understand what they are doing and bork there system and then cry even though they are warned 3) its just a good idea

Also all that you listed is a kinda big range of things for one forum and I think it works well having such a broad range of topics going on at any one time. What would you have diff in a forum? </rant>
"Confused and bewildered"...your user-title aptly describes my current situation after reading your post.
Ehhhhhhm, yeah, sure, lovely, whatever, here's a wall, direct future gibberish at it. Thanks.
freightgod said:

Muahahahahahaha... hahahahahahahaha... heh heh heh... hee hee hee... hmmmmmmmm... :rolleyes:

I think this is an emergency freightgod. :D

freightgod said:
And why can't I view 100 posts on a single web page? I know how to scroll, dammit.

Because we don't f00kin want you to. :D
Seems like you shoulda stuck to 2 posts m8 ;)
mwahahahahahaha....better? :p
I installed SP2
It fubarred by system
so i reformatted :0
That'll teach ya ta trust MicroSquish. :p
Dont drink and post :(

been there done that :p
Henyman said:
Dont drink and post :(

been there done that :p

lol OK I was just trying to provoke a reaction and lo! I did. Now I'm going to kick the dog, go to work and argue with my boss all day!

I am perfectly prepared to admit when I have been an idiot and this is one of those sterling moments.

I will not drink and post
I will not drink and post
I will not drink and post

No Need For Images Like That - Removed

I think now is a good time to pull out that potato gun...................

All in all a bit sad.....

..."woah what do you do when you get drunk man!?!"

"post abuse on an internet forum!!!"


"yeh yeh..and sometimes i even pretend to be drunk just so i can get away with it!"

"well done".
I like this forum, and although there are a lot of mods or whatever, I don't see anyone on a power trip. :confused:

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Also Hi EP and people. I found this place again while looking through a oooollllllldddd backup. I have filled over 10TB and was looking at my collection of antiques. Any bids on the 500Mhz Win 95 fix?
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hello peeps... is been some time since i last came here.
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Rest in peace my friend, been trying to find you and finally did in the worst way imaginable.

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