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    Clicking hard drive

    I have a computer with a dead hard disk. Bios will not recognize it on bootup, and the drive just emits a series of clicks. The rest of the computer works ok, checked it with another disk I had around, all is good. i have already ordered a replacement drive. Is there any way to retrieve the...
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    Completed Save File of GTA: Vice City

    I posted a in the thread above that has a finished game save.
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    Uxtheme Multi-patcher 4.0

    The site that is linked doesn't seem to have the file anymore.Does anyone know where i can find this?
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    Toughest Game You've played

    Toughest game I ever played was Zanac.Impossible to beat without a Game Genie.
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    GTA Vice City Saved Game Files

    These 2 files should help ya,I think.
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    Another two to ponder over

    I don't get the second one either.First one was good.
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    I live so far out in the country I can't even get a pizza delivered.
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    Gamcube or radeon 8500?

    Did anyone notice that whenever this topic comes up,the ATI people act kinda defensive?This topic is almost as bad as Intel vs. AMD. (By the way,Nvidia and AMD rule)
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    Nvidia 3D Mark Benchmark

    Just a thought.In Computer Gaming World's July issue,they compare 6 gaming rigs.They asked Dell,Voodoo,Falcon Northwest,Alienware,Vicious PC,and ABS Computers to send them their fastest gaming rigs.All 6 manufacturers sent rigs with 128mb Geforce 4 Ti 4600s.Not an ATI amongst them...
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    Does anyone in here play Jedi Knight 2 : Jedi Outcast?

    Anarchy Online rules.
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    Post an unusual web site

    Now that's scary.
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    Why is everyone so sad as to try and shut down Peer 2 Peer Programs!!

    Right now,all of the P2P programs out are being made by companies(Kazaa,Morpheus,etc) Whens an open-source P2P program gonna be released?The government will have a hard time shutting that down.
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    Will I be Banned for this?

    I called ActionTec today.They said that the modem apparently will not work in my system and that I should get a refund from the vendor( refuses to give me my money back,as the 60 day warranty period has run up.ActionTec will not give me my money back either.What should...
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    Will I be Banned for this?

    The "new" modem finally arrived today.I installed it,and guess what?It won't work either.On monday I am calling ActionTec.They will have to do something.
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    Online Gaming Problems

    Ok,my problem is that when I'm playing Anarchy Online,my ISP disconnects me every 30 mins or so.What can I do to stop this?(Besides getting off of dail-up).Thanks.