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    RAID Setup

    Hi all, Thread 2 of the day is RAID related. I have an Asus Maximus motherboard which has onboard RAID (hardware). I have two western digital drives (RE/RAID edition) which are a simple mirrored setup. It works fine for as much as a month (the machine rarely turns off and is on 24/7) but...
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    Network Setup Help

    Hi all, Not been here in a long time so apologies if anything has changed in the mean time! Got a few issues regarding networking and I'm a bit stumped. Usually I run a single router/model/wireless access point but the recent failure of my 3rd Netgear unit, I decided to split the units up...
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    syncing folders between xp and vista

    I wish there was a way to sync without having to share a folder (over a network) I don't like the idea of having to share an entire documents folder. Nevermind! And before anyone starts, I'm sure there could be ways of in-built security of the application to sync itself to temp share a...
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    slow lan transfers vista to XP

    I might do test later today and let you know with both the patch and the SP1 update Working from home and being Xmas week, not a lot on so why not!
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    syncing folders between xp and vista

    There is a synctoy for Vista I think this is what you are referring to as it was a powertoy for XP I won't go too much into other recommendations as you mention it as a powertoy but I...
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    in need of an updated moo.dll or the like

    are you ok with this now? I used to use moo.dll myself and still have the various \ commands if you need them
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    Disappearing Disk Space?

    What about showing all hidden files including system and then checking if anything is there taking up all the space? Can't say I've noticed it myself but I know when you install a SP for instance, it creates a temp folder that does not always get deleted - Had this with Office 07.
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    Looking for due date calculator and world clock software

    You dont mention the OS you use but I know Vista has world-clock capability... I have 3 clocks on mine, so when you click once on the time in the taskbar/system bar, a window pops up with the clocks As for due date, would Outlook or Calendar not be sufficient?
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    Create a restore disc

    If you go the features list for Acronis, one of the options is Exclusive! Acronis® Recovery Manager™ Boot your computer to start the recovery process without boot media by selecting the F11 key, even if your operating system has failed. I suspect that there would be a wizard of some sort to...
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    slow lan transfers vista to XP

    Well I was under the impression that this is fixed in SP1 or you could download (by request) a patch to fix this problem
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    The new Dell UltraSharp 2005FPW kills the Apple display

    but having read on... i bought a inspiron 9200 all topped up to the max few days ago although the estimated delivery date seems to be changing every few hours.... i hope to have it next week :)
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    Dell Holiday Deals...

    wish i knew about this lol just bought a dell inspiron 9200 totally topped up
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    The new Dell UltraSharp 2005FPW kills the Apple display

    im staying off dell monitors now... had about 3 crts which treated me well... then i got a 1800fp 18" tft from dell failed on me after 6 months and 2 days before a major hand in date for an assignment good thing it was from my workplace which isnt too far away and i got a 19" ctx instead...
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    PC keeps Rebooting

    if you think its the hub, remove it and test it for the day and see if it happens might just be a rogue driver for something too
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    P4C800+HT+SB Audigy2

    yup i think it is the chipsets