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2 Dec 2001
Hi all,
Not been here in a long time so apologies if anything has changed in the mean time!

Got a few issues regarding networking and I'm a bit stumped. Usually I run a single router/model/wireless access point but the recent failure of my 3rd Netgear unit, I decided to split the units up.

Now normally, I would not be asking for help, but my "network" consists of afew more systems than I used to.

Anyway getting to the point:
My Hardware:
1x D-link Wireless Access point with 4 point switch DIR-655
1x Billion Modem with 4 port switch BiPAC 7300A

My Setup:
The d-link has several wireless devices connected to it.
It also has a Lacie Network drive connected to it

The Billion has my desktop machine connected via Wire, a cable going from the modem into the uplink of the D-link and another network wire going to a system hosting as a webserver.

IP Range:
D-link has 192.168.0.x
Billion has 192.168.1.x

The problem:
Well I think this is wrong though it somewhat works. Everyone can connect just fine however...
I think given the IP range, this is not allowing me to access the webserver (which is on the Billion) via its name (\\webserver) from a wireless device on the Dlink.
I have to type its IP address in.

The webserver cannot access any other device apart from the desktop (remember both desktop and webserver are on the billion).

Could someone help me out how this should be setup? I suspect the IP addressing is wrong?

I put the webserver on the Billion because I could not access it ouside the internal network externally from work for instance. It would just not resolve it regardless of mapping the HTTP/80 port.
Putting this outside of the wireless and directly into the modem let me access it ouside.

The webserver should be doing backups to the Lacie drive but because of this issue, the webserver cannot access the lacie (which is on the wireless) and threfore backups are failing too.

Thanks in advance



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5 May 2008
Hi Akash,

If I'm understanding correctly, I think the problem is your name resolution. You system is probably using NetBios to resolve the \\webserver name into an ip address. NetBios is non-transportable and therefore broadcasts will not work over multiple networks.

You will need to setup a machine with either WINS [shuddering even as I say it], or a local DNS server. The WINS/DNS server needs to be on the box that can see both networks or on the router itself [if possible]. The DHCP server needs to setup to broadcast your WINS/DNS server all your other clients.

Now when a machine on the d-link request \\WEBSERVER it will look up that name in DNS or WINS and resolve the correct IP address, and viola you're good to go

Another option, would be simply to add the mapping of the name/ip address in your hosts file of each machine that you want to have access.


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12 Jan 2004
if you are trying to connect throw your computers on the network; you can not use a url, you have to use an ip address. To tet it you might have to have some one from the outside look at it.

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19 Feb 2003
From what I gather he means through file shares, or even http://compname should work.

Now from what I see the problem is you're double NAT'd. You have two routers hooked up and like JPRuss said NetBios is non-transportable. Since you want to use the Dlink as a access point and switch you need to do the following:

On the Dlink:

  • Change the IP to something not used in the 192.168.1.x range (like
  • Disable DHCP
  • Plug the LAN cable into a LAN port (1-4) and NOT the internet (WAN) port.

This will put all your machines on the same subnet and turn the Dlink into a switch/access point only. This would fix your port 80 issue too, otherwise you need to forward the port on the Billion AND Dlink.

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