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RAID Setup


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Hi all,

Thread 2 of the day is RAID related.
I have an Asus Maximus motherboard which has onboard RAID (hardware).

I have two western digital drives (RE/RAID edition) which are a simple mirrored setup.

It works fine for as much as a month (the machine rarely turns off and is on 24/7) but it is a desktop so I use it day in day out.

The problem is, every so often, the raid breaks. This is usually because of a BSOD.
On rebooting, the machine takes over 2 hours to boot into windows while it rebuilds the RAID - usually the machine is not usable.

It gradually gets worse. First signs of the raid breaking is the machine gets slow to the point of being unresponsive. The mouse still moves but nothing responds. You reset the machine and bang, raid is broken.

Unfortuntly, I do not know the BSOD cause - normally I'm ok with them but I suspect it was just a generic one.
No such issues in Application log but System has a few:

The hardware has reported an uncorrectable memory error.
(Application Popup)

The only thing I could potentially think has caused it is a WD My Book drive tha falls asleep. Since the RAID last broke, the drive was taken to work as I needed it there. So that is the only thing I have not tried.

The main purpose of this thread is to know whether anyone here has faced similar issues with or without this board?

Thanks all

(memory is OK and tested and BSODS do NOT occur on single drive model - only when RAID)


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How old is the board, and have you checked the asus forum ? they might have simular things in there. You can go there and select a forum just for your board model.

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