Microsoft unveils Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview for Windows 7

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Microsoft has announced the availability of Internet Explorer 10 as a Release Preview edition – in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavours – for Windows 7. (And yes, only Windows 7 users with SP1 installed need apply. Windows Vista and XP are left out of this one.)

Changes are mostly under the hood, but the upgrade does deliver some major performance improvements which you may like to try.

In our first tests, the new Release Preview installed much like any other Windows update. It downloads a few files, and whirs for a while before demanding a reboot. Which takes a little longer than usual as various core files are replaced.
Is anyone using this yet? If so. What do you think of it?

Full story at the source.

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Windows head Sinofsky leaving

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Microsoft Corp. said Monday that Steven Sinofsky, the president of its Windows and Windows Live operations, is leaving the company.

Sinofsky's departure comes just weeks after the Redmond, Wash., software company launched Windows 8, which represented a major overhaul of its ubiquitous computer operating system.
Now I wonder if this has anything to do with all the changes in Windows 8.

Full story at the source.

:source: Comcast Finance

Hurricane Sandy WiFi

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To help residents and emergency personnel cope with the aftermath of the storm, Comcast is opening up its XFINITY WiFi hotspots in the affected markets to anyone who needs them – including non-Comcast subscribers. Comcast owns and operates thousands of WiFi hotspots in Comcast service areas in PA, NJ, DE, MD, DC, VA, WV, MA, NH and ME. Non-XFINITY Internet customers should search for the “xfinitywifi” network name and click on the “Not a Comcast subscriber?” link at the bottom of the Sign In page. Then select the “Complimentary Trial Session” option from the drop down list. Users will be able to renew their complimentary sessions every 2 hours through Wednesday November 7th. For a map of XFINITY WiFi hotspots, which are located both indoors and outdoors in malls, shopping districts, parks, and train platforms, please visit XFINITY WiFi: Comcast WiFi, WiFi Access For XFINITY Internet Customers at No Extra Charge (Note: Complimentary XFINITY WiFi service may not be available in Partner WiFi Hotspot locations).

Windows 8 to be launched october 26th ...

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Microsoft announced that Windows 8 will be launched on October 26th. I still think it will flop. I will stick with MAC until windows 9 comes out.

Windows 8 Pro costs $40 if you're running XP, Vista, or 7

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Microsoft has announced aggressive upgrade pricing for its upcoming Windows 8 operating system: anyone running a copy of Windows from the last decade can upgrade for $40, making this potentially the cheapest Windows ever.

The upgrade is a bit of a Hail Mary move: selling the OS is a profitable business, but it's possible that at the familar $100-$200 price, uptake of the risky new OS might be less than enthusiastic and the next phase of Microsoft's business may not take off. After all, many businesses and individuals just recently updated to Windows 7, and many are still running the venerable XP. The cost of upgrading again could be a significant deterrent. If Microsoft can't capture a big audience for Windows 8, its whole strategy for the next few years falls apart.

But if Microsoft offers this one-time "pardon" to its many legacy users, it could spur the kind of sales it needs to make Windows 8 the most popular OS they support, albeit at the cost of many millions of dollars. Notably, this is the "Pro" version, not the cheaper "RT" version that is aimed strictly at tablets.
:source: Source: msnbc

Probably doing it, as they know its going to stink like Vista did :rolleyes:

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