News The Windows 8 classic Start Menu will arrive in August!

Looks like the folks that still hate Windows 8 will have one less reason in August, as Microsoft have announced that both a more classic start menu and the ability to run "modern" applications within a Window as shown below.


I am always pleased to see such great momentum with operating system developments, but I must admit I was starting to get used to the new full screen menu but I am sure I can adjust back just as quickly if it is done correctly.

I do find the live tiles fairly useful in some applications but must admit for services like Twitter and Facebook I continue to use the web versions just as well, although I appreciate that on Tablets the apps are always far more accessible.

:source: Windows 8 Start menu should return in August, thanks to new, faster release cycle | ExtremeTech
Well both pieces of information are unofficial dates in my book. M$ said state that Start Menu would return to Windows 8.1 in a future update. A few weeks later rumors surfaced it would be later this year and now it seems be until Windows 9.

Until M$ states officially I consider the above information as rumors in regards to when it will be released.
Really does not matter to me if or when they do it as I do not need it.

I have 8.1 set to show the apps view and list desktop apps first in apps view.

Then I placed all of my most used programs shortcuts in the ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs folder.

Now when I click on the start button all of my most used programs are right there just like a start menu except even better as they are listed alphabetically.
I use an after market app to give me the classic start screen and buttons, works great, will come back to let you know which one I am using
I use an after market app to give me the classic start screen and buttons, works great, will come back to let you know which one I am using

Best one I found and used was StartIsBack but since the 8.1 update I have found it is not needed at least for me.

I found that setting up 8.1 per my previous post and booting direct to desktop works great for me. I don't use the start screen at all.

StartIsBack is the only one I found that does not run an extra program or service.

No extra services running, no extra processes running, no files patched, no admin rights required, fully translated into your language

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