You guys are great!


Folding Team
I mean it.

I was just over at another forum ( reading a thread about Sweden. Well, mostly about how pro-terrorist, pro-alqueda (sp?) and anti US we are. Well we aren't. Aw, nevermind you don't want to know, it was a horrible discussion with tons of ignorant and anal people (both sides).

All worked up and angry I navigated back into the NTFS forum to check for new posts. The first thing that struck me was the friendly, serious style in all the posts. Such a contrast, from total anal anarchy to friendly jokes and serious helping. I never thought about that before. Gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. :)

Now I'm so calm I can go to bed and acctually sleep.

Thanks again guys, all of you. :)
It's good to know and have you here Zedric.

That's why this site, and Spammers Paradise, are so cool. :) As gonaads said, we have good harmony here.

Zedric, people often say shi!te about countries, othen including your own, sterotyping, and basing their answers on silly things that they found out somewhere, that aren't even true. Try not to let it get to you mate.



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Quite right Zed!

Maybe we should set up a councilling forum for those unfortunate enough to have visited less friendly sites.

Post Traumatic Site Syndrome ?