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XP won't start, PLEASE HELP!!!


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I can't get windows to start. I installed a new dvd +- RW drive and now when I try to start the computer I get this error:

crorrupt or missing

I can see all the drives ok in the bios and it still starts in windwos 98 as it was a multi boot

Please help. I don't want to reinstall or repair if I don't have to.


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Do i just reinstall windows over the existing one?

I tried doing the repair console and copying the system file to a tmp dir and it says it can't find the file.

If I reinstall over the existing windows in d:, will i lose all my document files?

Shamus MacNoob

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Boot from cd-rom, start as if you wanted to install windows, walk through the screens at one point it shows an option to repair ignore this first time, after it has searched for a previous installation, it should show you your all ready installed partition, here you high light this and choose the "r" repair option.


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wingman411 said:
... existing windows in d:,...
I just reread this thread noticing fimchick answered your query and this popped out at me....

I believe installing to a D: drive could be the actual cause of your problem in the first place.

Windoze tends to hate being taken away from the C: drive and although it is theoretically OK to do so I have found it just ain't worth the potential hassle and it pays to just let XP do what it wants and own your C: drive... Hope I got this information to you before you repair install....

Oh and actually I hope your repair install was enough - because if you need to move to the C: drive you'll be up for a reformat / fresh install - and then you may need to take care of being sure to keep your documents etc. Anyways, always good practice to have backup (you DO have backup, don't you!)

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