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XP wont install :(


Tha Troll

Here is my story. I installed XP into 1Ghz Duron box. First install went w/o any problems. Used XP and had to uninstall it cause I changed the hdd in this box. Second time as I were trying to install it in the middle of installation XP says something like this: Cant continue installation, hardcore error occured! "The date and time of your pc are wrong, check system BIOS."
& "Windows is unable to install product catalogue, press OK to reboot".
I posted it to old Mauisun board and if I am not mistaken FluffyChicken tryed to help me out, I may be wrong but forum got hit and one day all was gone.
As it wasnt my pc I didnt care much and I installed w2k there, went w/o any problems.
I already started to forget this problem.
But NOW!!
My own pc, amd tbird 1,33Ghz, 512DDR, gives me same error.
First time ever as I installed xp, it went w/o any problems. Then I had trouble with my Ethernet card and I made reinstall of xp. Installed new version a top of old one. No problems. But now. I formatted my hdd. And as I try to make clean install xp wont install, it gives me same error as above. And on the top of all these things, I made several reboots. I took out all tv, lan, sound cads and made several more reboots and now my pc starts to act kinda weird way. Usually before I booted from cd xp cd asked to push any key if I want to boot from cd now it doesnt ask anything. And now as I boot from cd in the routine to install xp, first comes press F6(for instaling third party raid/scsi) and then as F2(system recovey) passes pc just hangs up!
My box has latest bios, tested both drr sticks, they're ok. dont know what else to do. Both pc's also have been in internet. Not to update somethng etc, just to browse the web. And the xp version is German Professional Corp Edition.
I really cant undestand, whats wrong, but both pc's act so same way...
"Pre-Palladium", smells like this!
Maybe, maybe not.
Any ideas?
I am sorry, it came very long post now but I wanted to be sure that I gave all details.

Tha Troll

I suspected same, made copy from the cd. But on the other hand it installed ok at first...


Windows XP Will not load

I suffered several crashed installs on two systems until I took out all of the memory except for one 128mb stick of DDR memory.

When I ran the installs with just the one stick of memory everthing went well, if there were two or more sticks installed it crashed every time!!!!

LEt me know if this helps

Tha Troll

I had same idea. But as I started to search them I found out that xp doesnt have cab files as earlier versions of windozes had. And installation wont run in dos mode neither, well I could install temporary w95 for this.
Have to take a look about these cab files...

Tha Troll

XP cd has cab files but the are organized weird way....anwone knows if it is possible to install xp under dos?


dont know if this will help but i know one time i had to reset my bios bc i o/c and the bios time was set diffrently then i had put in xp during the install and it would not start bc of it......might want to check that if you havent already.

Tha Troll

IMO it works this way: xp takes time from bios and uses this time! It doesnt have its own little tick-dock somewhere.
I already tried to reset bios load default settings etc...


Nissan Powered
Try XCOPY and copy the I386 folder the the hdd then run the winnt program or since it sounds like its having problems booting into the setup, you could try the boot disk way you need 6 floppys and the program to make them with.

I was having the same plroblem u were I guess my cd wasn't a bootable copy and this made it work so u can try it.

PM me and I can email the program to you because I have no clue where to get it and its to big to attach (4mb)

Tha Troll

k, I will try to install xp from under dos now. But before one last thing, what would make more sense, to have my hdd formatted in ntfs or fat32. I have 40gb disk and it has following formations: *5gb for xp
*1044mb for swap
*17gb for my personal data
*16 gb for program files

Tha Troll

so I need utilite what can browse in ntfs system and what can format drive into ntfs. So how to get ntfs browsing formatting ability for usual w98 boot disk...

Tha Troll

Soh, copied xp files to hdd. Started setup from hdd. First thing xp said that I have no SmartDrive, that w/o smartdrive is install very slow, asked if I want to exit or continue. I continued, setup started to copy files. In the copy session you can see the files what setup is copying in the right down corner. Then for a sec the file name field went clear and stayed empty. The text what says me to wait while xp copyes files blinks and so it stays. Hdd led burns, I waited 10-15 minutes and no change, still hdd led burns but no activity at screen. And now I am in same position, dont know what to do....
xp wont install (

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