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xp windows messenger status problem


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I have windows messenger for xp , and iam having some problems wiht the status think, messenger seems to kick me off line and wont reconnect me until i goto change my status again, then it says "unable to change status please try later".

now I have my cable modem connecting to my pc via a linksys router thts has UPnP i have enabled this but iam still having problems. upnp is desabled on my xp Box

i can send and recieve files with no problem at all, so i dont know whats causing messenger to play up like this
i dont want to use voice or webcam with messenger

when i was using ADSL to get on line there was no problem with the status thing only sendign files, this might have been the adsl modem/router a Solwise sar703a showed my ports as "closed" on grc.com.

with the new router they are stelthed except ident and upnp ports.

hope some one can help, and thanks in avanced :D

- SuRgE -


after about 5 attempts at loging back in everthing is ok, i dont get booted offf. strange huh??


OSNN Senior Addict
so know one knows the answer to my post then????

i have worked the problem out, it seems that messenger doesent like me using to much bandwith when downloading files over the internet.

sorry if my 1st post had loads of spelling mestakes, i was pi**ed off with the messenger cutting me off all the time..

o well problem solved :D

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