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XP-Tweaking Guide 1.4 Ready



i just found out winguides 'AlwaysUnloadDLL' is different from this program instructions.

Open your registry and find the key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer].
Create a new sub-key named 'AlwaysUnloadDLL' and set the default value to equal '1' to disable Windows caching the DLL in memory.

XP-Tweak 1.4
Create a new DWORD value named 'AlwaysUnloadDLL' and set the default value to equal '1' to disable Windows caching the DLL in memory.

just wanna which one is correct or both are right and working

Perris Calderon

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unloading dlls is definately not a good idea for most people.

when the os is not using a dll. the memory is allready released

when the os is using a dll, you do not want to unload it, do you

pretty simple, and this tweak is counter productive

there just aren't too many actual performance tweaks that do anything for xp that prove beneficial to most people

they were concieved before x... people just continue to use them as if they are a holy grail

pretty much the only thing you can really do to help this os is set ou the interface as convienently as possible

that will speed you more then even valid tweaks

things like putting your often used utilitiies at your fingertips, and stuff like that

never the less, this guide is an amazing resource, and it will continue to be an abundant download.



thank you lex van der.. for your great guide!

its always goood to get some "user made" stuff...

... im really lookin forward to test your tweaks!

go on with da good work, dude!



in the Create Windows XP CD Slipstreamed with SP1a section, on of the needed items is, quote...
"The boot file which you can download Here"

anyone know where its talking about?


OSNN Senior Addict
I can't seem to download this damn thing. I keep getting put to a page that says- Sorry, you cannot leech this file. You must visit the home page here


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
under network tweaks > Change TCP/IP Connection

is it:


like it says in the text or:


like it has in the picture?

Electronic Punk

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doom: I am not sure why this is happening... let me know if you are still having some issues and I will PM you a direct link.

What browser/additional security apps are you running?


Yeah I just checked it and now mine says that the file is being leeched. I could download it a few days ago.

I used the direct link and it works...


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EP, I am having the same issue with trying to download from the home page. It says that I am trying to leech the file. I have cookies blocked from netshelter.adtrix.com, and my security settings are pretty standard in the medium range... so I'm not sure what the deal is. :confused:

Electronic Punk

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I think I need to link to the file info page...

Basically I am protecting the link now as sites were linking directly to the file (ie not thru php)

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