XP (sometimes) fails to use a re-dialled connection

OK, like many UK 56K-ers I'm on ntlworld 'cos it's cheap. Annoyingly, it has the 2-hour cut off. This usually just results in a quiet curse and a click of "re-dial", but recently it's caused XP to fail to access internet resources after re-dialling. Not ONE BIT of data will be transferred no matter what program, protocol, or whatever I try to access.

The strangest part? It doesn't always fail. Sometimes I can re-dial and carry on surfing, other times I have to restart... *confoosled*

Any ideas? A power cycle is a bit too elaborate a re-dial process for me... :p


I've experienced this from time to time with my ISP (local to me, in the states).

I'll dial, get a connection, and nothing will work.
das blinkenlichten are doing their thing, but nothin is talkin.

I usually just hang up, and redial, and that always works.

I'm not sure if this is related to your problem, so I'm not sure if it's the same thing. This happens about once every couple of weeks, and is pre and post SP1 install.


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