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Xp Mce


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Hi I'm going to Uni in Sept if they accept my ucast application, I'm currently at college and have been doing a lot of presentations in almost all subjects to class.

I find I use my laptop a lot for presenting production work in my lessons web design, game design and screen based design.

I have a lot of media work, and photography I like to show as well. Would getting MCE be a good idea, and the remote is only £20. Would it work on my laptop (spec in sig) well?

However it does not have a TV Tuner, I don't need that, will MCE work without it? I have been google searching and on here and getting the impression it's a requirement, I don't need to show TV in presentations so it's not a requirement for me.


sorry if asked before, I couldn't find much concrete information through searching.
MCE 2005 works fine without a TV tuner card. In fact, if I remember correctly, Dell sells a particular Inspiron notebook with MCE although it doesn't include a tuner. It does need a decent graphics card though, but I'm pretty sure a 128MB Radeon 9700 should be fine.

The IR receiver just plugs into a USB port, so there's no reason why the MCE Remote wouldn't work with the laptop either. :)


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Thanks thats all I wanted to know cheers. My laptop really needs a gig of ram though, to bad I'm saving up for driving lessons :(


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Neither am I really but if it saves time in presentations rather than going to folders and such and instead using the remote it would make the presentation quicker.

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