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XP internet problem



Hello. i am running XP pro and i have a 750 athlon with a geforce 2 mx 400 and since i have installled XP i cant download anything from the internet , it will bring the window up but it just sits there till it says it cant contact the server i have tried everything including messing with the internet settings so many different ways , my xp firewall is NOT on and i give up and was wandering if someone else had an idea what wrong, oh yeah, i am using AOL and i have checked my settings on that and that isnt it either,

Try this, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As..." If the link is a dead one you won't be able to download a file from it that doesn't exist... If it comes back with a file to download just select a spot to download it to.

Also, check this setting in IE: Tools> Internet Options> 'Security' tab> "Custom Level" button. Scroll down to the download section and make sure file download is enabled.


i tried all that it does it for every site i go to, it just says getting file information and then it says cant contact the site. My internet setting enable downloading, trying what you told me doesnt work either, any other suggestions. i am stumped

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