soo true :( we were all really close + had great fun chatting on irc + posting on forums

just not the same now :(
look what i found :) brings back some good memories


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Did we use a default theme for the forums back then? All I remember was things being blue o_0
i was there.. didnt take advantage of it as i do now. lots of knowlege on these forums.
I was there ... then one day it changed to NTFS.org and I thought the hijacked thingy also ... then I lost my pw and was inactive for ages ... then I just kinda recently came back active and then database died :/
I was here too. Came into the site around August 2001, I believe.
Ahhhhh...remember well. Used alot of the info to tweak my xp box. Felt like I had found alot of new friends.
I remember that site, I first signed up there. I would go once in awhile, but I didn't go for a couple months once and the site disappeared. Then I found NTFS.org probably following some links. Hey looks like a cool site after checking out the forums, I tried to register and my nick was taken, I was pissed off for a moment, then tried to login with my password and I was able to get in. WTF, checked my profile and it was mine. Totally weird feeling. :)
sboulema said:
look what i found :) brings back some good memories
That reminds me. I think I have some old screenshots from xp-erience backed up on a cd somewhere. I'll have a look to see what I have. :cool:
The old -=Xp0=- counterstrike custom spray that I made a while back. We used to play a lot as a Team. Ahhh, the good ol' days...


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This may bring back some memories for some of you.


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