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who was around when this site was xp-erience.org...just wondering cause that was a long time ago...and anyway what happened that made the name change for this to become ntfs.org


i remember those days, but ntfs.org is much faster to type and can't messup on the spelling :) so welcome the long long long ago change


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We changed from Xp-erience.org to NTFS.org when our old hosts suspended the account for Xp-erience.org, if I remember correct. They wouldn't release the domain name, and hence, NTFS.org was born. :)
I remember the old days hehe. The first timr xp-erience went down and I got redirected to ntfs.org I thought it was some affiliate site that was copying the hell out of xp-erience lol.


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I was there, i remember it well :)
I remember the hassle with the old hosts, but was it not also planned anyway because we (and i mean waddy) wanted to move away from solely XP and into all windows areas and the xp-erience name limited our potential appeal for people looking for windows in general stuff. at least thats my recollection up, but then again i am quite mad


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Wow! I don't even remeber those, Speedy! Bit of a packrat like myself, are ya? :p I think I was going to butcher the one I posted to make a sig, but the name-change pre-empted it. Just kept it around for nostalgia's sake. :D

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