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I just found out about this yesterday from some site on how-to-tweak your half-life settings. I see that it's down and I hear its being upgraded to PHP. i'm curious to what this site was, and why you are upgrading to PHP (good choice)


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Glad to have you stop by DrMetallica. A little more time and there will be some nice changes around here. As soon as the front page is back up, there will be much more for you to check out. From news to downloads and more.

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We were using phpnuke and I have just spent a little while updating it to postnuke... we think the server is a bit pants tho to be honest... Using postnuke will only be temporary tho as we hope to switch to a better one as soon as it is made available to us! I have just finished coding / customising postnuke now and hopefully, it will go up again at some stage tomorrow... just wish I had more time to work out some smaller issues (being the perfectionist I am :p) but I can wait until the new portal..

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