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XP-dite fixes serious Windows XP flaw



Windows XP has a very serious flaw that is fixed in SP1 (Service Pack 1).

If you havn't installed SP1 yet, have experienced SP1's sometimes nasty installation problems, or don't plan to install it for for some reason, Steve Gibson has produced a small utility that will protect your computer against the danger.

Here is his page describing the problem and the free utility....


It only takes about 5 seconds to take the download and it will also tell you if your XP system with a service pack is safe.
There is an option if you get a "dangerous file is present" message to fix it to a safe file. I myself am waiting for more
of the bugs to be worked out with the SP after the stories
I've been reading. I found this little message on both of my
computers after I took the download from grc.



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well it also doesn't help when everybody had update to the new address and deleted their bookmark for here and turn around and need the bookmark. Well I'd here bout that problem and that the SP fixed and if for somereason folks haven't installed it then I heard bout the free utility, but couldn't post anything due to site problems and then I forgot about it. Again thanks for the info


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Security Alert: XP File Deletion Cure Causes Problems

Last week, we described a serious Windows XP bug which allows a Web page or e-mail message to delete arbitrary files from your PC -- including ones that are necessary for proper operation. (Leo Laporte of TechTV demonstrates the hole here.) As we reported at that time, Microsoft did not at first admit to the hole but instead fixed it in Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1), burying the description of the bug in the list of fixes released with the service pack. (As Microsoft explains here, it does not intend to release a fix that is independent of the service pack.)

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