XP and Windows Explorer, deleting file

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Hi, does anyone know how to make Windows Explorer start in some other folder other than My Documents. I have tried to put start in D:\ in properties of Windows Explorer and it doesn't help, this worked for Win98SE. Anyone have any ideas. I hate clicking two time everytime I go to Explorer. Another problem I have is for some reason I can't delete this avi file when I'm in Windows, I tried restarting and still doesn't work.. it says it might be used by another applcation..I'm not even viewing it... Anyone got any ideas on these 2 questions? Thanks in advance.


2 Dec 2001
(This would be an easy place to create a truckload of those in fact... & make a single sub 550k zipfile anyone could download a MASS of those we created for quick massinstall in fact & really make Explorer.exe & the shell easily customizeable!)
Heck yeah!! Might want to post it with a through article about what everything does though, and make each function separate so users can pick and choose what they want to do. As an average user (me) I'm all for the easy side of things. Surfing the registry and other intense operations makes my head hurt, lol.

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