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XP and 98 ICS


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My computer is running XP pro, and the network (ics) is running fine on every other computer (2 xp, 1 me). The one computer which is on 98 isn't loading certain websites (abbey national, nationwide...) but bbc opens fine. also, the email is working fine. is there a simple answer to this?


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Cheers guys. Analog X make some quality apps, so I trust this. Is there any more advanced ones... for me to use when I get the hang of it? At some point I want to start limiting people's internet :D


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...right, i think i understand what ive got to do... will the existing connections (xp and me) still work or do i need to set those up on the proxy aswell?
yes the other machines will need setting up for using the proxy - its annoying at first having to do all the work - its really easy after you get used to it - but analogx make software thats easy to use, so you should be ok - but read the screen when it says "the proxy is running in OPEN state" cuz you dont want that tbh.

file and printer sharing is not done by ICS - you can do that by just linking them up in a network

ICS is exactly what its called... Internet Connection Sharing - nothing more, nothing less

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