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Xbox Live Trial


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I have a new modded Xbox, I want to test it out on Live ... I already play on Live, but want to test this box out without affecting my other account ... does anyone have a trial Live membership that they aren't going to use? You usually get one with an Xbox Live enabled game, peripherals, and the holiday pack which I had, but I threw it away thinking I wasn't going to use it.

Electronic Punk

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Won't make a difference mate, it won't be your xbox account that is banned, but the xbox itself.

Assume that if you were even going to consider trying this then you would have a mod chip that can be completely disabled.


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Yes I have an X3 on this Xbox and yes it can be completely disabled. I realize that bans are implemented using the EEPROM but I just want to test some things out. This is a second Xbox BTW ... since I already have another.
I have the x3 chip on my xbox and have been using it for about 2 months, including xbox live you shouldn't get banned if the chip is disabled. You will prob get banned if you have used xbox live, you put in a bigger hard drive and then try using the same xbox live account.

In the UK I think one of the xbox magazines has a two month trial cd..not sure about in the USA though.

As EP said its not the account that gets banned.

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