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XBox 360 Premium 20gb, or 60gb?


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Hey guys,

It seems like my girlfriend is hard core serious about getting me an XBOX 360 for Xmas. I believe she saw the 20gb version in one of the stores in the mall for like $250 or so. Money is a big thing with us, so any chance that we can save money is definitely a good thing.

I've been trying to do as much research as I possibly can. It looks like my games will be backwards compatible with the 360, and we're going to be getting some money by selling my old xbox. I've been deciding though if it's alright for the 20gb, or if we should bump up for the 60gb.

I know a lot of the differences are going to involve XBox live, which I do hope to get, but I don't know how crazy I would be with downloading things on it. Could you guys please explain to me if the 20gb would be sufficient, or if I should get the 60gb, and if so why? If I could find a reason to go for the 60gb then I would, but I really would like to stick to the 20gb if at all possible. I can already imagine myself playing some games like CoD and such over live.

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate this one!


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I would personally recommened the 60gb version, a year ago it would not of mattered but with the new dashbaord update due in a couple of weeks which will enable netflix and installing games to the hard drive, the space will be handy. Plus with the 60gb you will definatly get the latest hardware rev.

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