x-men 2


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any one see it? i just saw it in its whole and the one thing that got my thinking was, what was the whole deal at the end about with the thing in the water and Jean talking.


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are you familiar with xmen... the comic books? :) I ask because then it would not be a spoiler :D


in the comic books... jean gray 'dies' and then arises as the Phoenix... what you see under the water is the representation of the Phoenix... ergo she is not dead and is arising... if there is an Xmen 3 you will see that her powers are greater though she still struggles to control them :)

hopefully Apocalypse will make his debut soon :cool:


for some reason I said not greater when I meant greater... changed to reflect that


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man, i remember all these guys from the old cartoon back in that day but i cant put faces on them. but thanks for the responses.


I can't stand Halle Berry. I have boycotted any movie she is in...just like Sandra Bullock movies. :)


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Apocalypse is too cool for this planet. To do him any justice they would have to do him all CGI. They should have either Sinister or Juggernaut as the next villain, or maybe they'll do the whole Dark Phoenix thing


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I loved X2, was a great movie, especially when the people invaded the house, and he jkust started killing them, with his lovely knifes, or when he got shot in the head, and he walked back out, and the guy almost died on the spot cause he didnt know what happened.


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Just ordered the X-Men 1.5/X-Men 2 Special Edition DVD...love both the movies!! But wish i knew more about the X-Men history/characters!!

Any useful links for me?

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