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X-Istence.com forums gone


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This is just a little message that hopefully google picks up.

I have decided to indefinitly close the forums cause some ******* decided it would be funny to hack my forums and the delete the posts table. Making approximately 2 - 3 years of work go down the drain in a single gulp. I do have a very old backup, but it does not contain any of my newer work. Since i just had a HD die on me, i have just lost a ton of programs that i wrote.

If you are looking for the winamp song playing thread, contact Geffy, SPeedY_B for assistence, they will most likely be able to help you. Any other programming help just ask here on the forums and i will see what i can do.

Very Pissed Off (TM)

Electronic Punk

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The post table was pretty much the only thing that we salvaged from the XP-erience/NTFS forums.

Any consolation, at least you still have the user tables (therefore mail) to let all your members know, we didn't get that "luxury"
Daaaaaamn klote. At least you learnt your lesson, backups, backups, backups! :p

For Winamp songviewer stuff, people can also contact me, I have the Winamp Songviewer project running atm, remember ;) (see sig, but unreachable atm, due to issues with PHP on my server)


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google has caches. Someone mind grabbing the scripts? I bet someone still has all of them, just need to find em.

I am really busy at the moment, and personally can't be arsed to go save what is cached. To much data has allready been lost.

Glaanie: Sorry, at the time of writing i could not come up with who else would know.

Electronic Punk

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I have the scripts for getting winamp into an image on electronicpunk
but I don't have the dosomething plugin bits, so don't have a 100% working version.
is something tho


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Mainframeguy said:
May I recommend a Maxtor one-touch to you? Add a pay-pal button and I'll chip in 10€ towards it.... Better late than never?
Nah, i have enough hard disks. Thing is, i was about to burn the **** onto DVD, when a power surge hit my house. Caused one of my servers UPS's to blow, so my server was okay, but my main PC got fried. That was not that bad, got a new mobo from a friend, but the HD was ****ed.
well i only talked to you last night X... i needed help :p
sorry to hear about it and it really sucks, but will a re-opening of forums be included on the new version of x-istence.com?

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