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21 Apr 2004
The router keeps freezing up! Its connected to a Moto Cable modem, when the connection isnt active, the linksys router just looses all the DHCP setting, i have to log into the router and manually release and renew and then its all good! Any ideas?
Yes update the firmware in the router there is a place to do that in mine its administration.


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what about an alternative firmware, like Tomato or DD-WRT? Any luck with those?
Pretty easy interface? Something more reliable but easy to use is what i looking for!
I had a linksys that locked up like yours. It was the hardware dying, not the firmware. After I replaced the router I never had another lock up.
Easy to use, not big into breaking it down and manually config, just want something i can update and have it work!
The best way to fix a linksys is to chuck it in the trash and get a netgear ...
the router is the WRT54G v8, doesnt seem there is support for that with tomato..unless i overlooked?
Ha... ill sell his ass on eBay...and through in a free router...maybe that will seal the deal!

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