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Wrong user name


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I have just bought a ex display laptop asus a6u and the user name is wrong. The domian name i have changed in control panel - user accounts but deep in side it still shows the user name wrong


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reformat /reinstall will fix this - in fact I think it may be the only way, because I got my laptop ex-display and did the same eventually (though not until I was reformatting to dual boot).

Since you say "just bought" this should not present a problem to you - so long as you have the/an XP CD.....


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Yes i have all the disks etc but seems harsh to have to do all that. Think i will waitjust took me 2 days to put every thing back on ! thanks for the reply

Admiral Michael

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I did this to fix my folders when I renamed my admin account:

  1. Create another user (admin) and login to that account.
  2. Backup the user folder you want to change (C:\Documents and Settings\olduser)
  3. Removed the user you want to rename (thru control panel) and delete the files and make sure C:\Documents and Settings\olduser is gone
  4. Remake the user account and login
  5. Log out and relogin as the other user
  6. Overwrite the files in C:\Documents and Settings\olduser
  7. Logout and Login as the new account and you should be good to go.
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sorry did not explain it very well the user name is fine but if you go into system properties the "registered to " is wrong that was done when windowswas first put on in the shop

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