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Workstation to Workstation Network Login Trouble



Workstation to Workstation Network Login Trouble

when I use windows explorer rather than network neighborhood... for instace entering this " \\station1 " on the address bar it would take me to the shared folder on that \\station1 running xp .......this machine runs xp also.

now when I type "\\station1" it brings up the login dialog box still, but has Station1\guest as default login name and its greyed out so I cannot change it..........I checked the registry and found nothing...I checked some settings and still cannot find it....I used to be able to enter in the login and password....what happened? and how can I fix this? Thanks in advance.......Blacksmith
tazam@hotmail.com :eek:


hmmm... Well, I have two suggestions for you. One, is to go on the other network admin pc, and login, if ya can, and look at the settings for the group policy. There are options there about logins and accounts for things such as remote, and set security settings.

Second, if you can access the "User Accounts" and if you have admin privilidge, look to see if the guest account is disabled, which may be since it is set like that by default.

It seems as tho something, cache of that other machine, IP change, something has changed on either or computer. If all else fails, delete that connection and make a new one.

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