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i had a tecaher at my school send me sports rosters from his mac there. they came up a *.dat files. i tried to read them in word and nothing came out. any help?


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They're probably encoded. The most common encoding methods for mac files online are MacBinary or BinHex. Find some software that can decode those (i think Stuffit for Windows does that) and run the file though it.

Mac files have to be encoded when sent over the internet since it wont preserve the resource or data forks, and macs cant use the file anymore.

It also may have been made on some mac-only program. What on his mac did he initally create the file in?

didn't work, any other ideas? im just having the person re-send the info via copy paste. but im still interested if there is another way to decode those files.


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What size is the file? Most *.dat files I've dealt with are delimited data files from a database. You could change the extension to *.txt and try again. (Make a bakup 1st though ;-) )

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