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wont write to cd??!?!!?!?


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using windows xp, dvdrw-sohw1653s, last few days I can copy vcd to vcd. now i cant burn any file(s). i tried burn doc from desktop( which I download from uni website.

I also try to copy mp3 file (like 50 of mp3 which about 530MB), yesterday i also try copy music cd to cd still show the below pic.

the blank I got is blank is new.


if you're saying that only this optical drive doesn't see cds but does see dvds then the problem is with your drive try taking it to a computer shop to fix it
but first try this
FrenzyD said:
how to do it?
I tried with dvd it work fine. but not cds
right click my computer, the click on the (i think it's the hardware tab) go to device manager, find the secondary ide in the list and select update driver you might wanna need the xp cd with you, if the update driver doesn't work then try uninstalling the secondary ide channel and then reinstalling it you'll need xp cd with you to do that


FrenzyD said:
no I still using sp1, sp2 crap slow down my system. Tried unistall ide channel and reinstall it. still cant read cds.
I suggest;

1. backup your needed files.
2. formatting your HD
3. install windows
4. update to sp2
5. install your applications and file backup.

sp2 is not crap, it's mustard.


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there is nothing wrong with my windows xp. I turn on the computer use put windows xp boot cd. it wont boot.

lens damaged? what can cause that problem buy t less than 6 month ( dont know where the receipt).

"ull have to rma ur drive" wat do u mean by that?
Have you tried more than one blank? If it tried to write to one and failed the blank is useless now. If it is a RW then erase it before retrying it.

Assuming you tried more than one blank:
You want to force windows to reinstall the drive. To do that you go to device manager, select DVD CD Rom (not the IDE channel), select the drive, right click it and select uninstall form the menu. Then when it's done reboot. Windows will reinstall the drive and it's drivers. Reboot twice after the reinstall jsut to make sure, sometimes windows gets stupid(er).

Now - Check if the drive can read any store bought CD or DVD. If it can the drive is probably ok. If it can't you should have kept your receipt and registered the drive so you can return it.

If the drive read the CDs and DVDs in the step above now try and burn something. If it doesn't you may have a problem with the windows built in burning software. Install the OEM version of burning software that came with the drive and try again.

If you lost the burning software that came with the drive check google for free burning software or download the Nero demo software (note the demo will stop working after a while).


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i was thinking if i go to computer shop and get new IDE cable will it make any different? do you gusy think is my ide problem or dvd writer?

I tried your way LeeJend. no use still wont read the cds. tried many blank cds with different brand no use.


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just remove dvdrw from computer and it manufatcure date november 2004. call computer shop up see what happen.

I got a dvd rom, a cdrw and a dvdrw all liteon, I cant believe it dvdrw is stuff up. :mad:

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