Wndows 7 Rc changes...


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I was reading the bog at M$ for windows 7 and looking at the changed for the rc version. There are a slew of them. Pretty good ones also.

More info can be found here: http://blogs.msdn.com/e7/

take a look at the pic. Look real close , you will that looks like it is build 704? :)
"...Furthermore, the “Arrange by” views are better expose in the upper right, in proximity of the other view and search controls."

Wooo! My only gripe with windows 7 fixed :D

... well provided it lets me arrange by date modified :p


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I think in all it is going to be a great os. They are putting more effort into making this the browser that people want and not the candy of the past ... Although I love vista ...


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I don't know if I was answered this in another thread.

Is this RC going to be an update, or a reinstall of the OS? Cause I'd rather not reinstall anything. If not needed.

And yea good list of fixes, nothing that seems to have affected me though. My only real issue might not even be because of 7, when I try to save a file from the web, usually a wallpaper, I pick the location and hit save, and it gives me some access error, i click ok, and hit save a second time and it works. Just a bit annoying.


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Rcis going to be out in April, it will not be an upgradable os. Also, they are saying now that it might might shelves in September instead of November :)

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