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WMP9 Tweaks needed!



Hey y'all,

I have a few very annoying issues with media player, i love it as a player but hope u can help me out?

Ok, first and foremost.... is there some way i can make wmp always/permantently load up in Media Library via ALL MEDIA mode on startup...WITH all my media sorted from a -z descending from the start sorted by ARTIST NAME.... it is friggin drivin me crazy the way it does some other wierdass sorting and every time i play a track etc it resets back to the old way and it lags sorting cause i have 1000's of trax? I would like the option to change waht shows up later but generally i would like it to load this way.

Secondly, I want to change the defaults for the info view in media library.. eg i want it to automatically NOT SHOW, the genre, media info, rating, aquisition time and other crap liek that, i dont' want to see that junk. And i want to be able to select which things i do want to show such as tracknumbers!

So thats my wishlist, it would make me a lot less iritated, i hope one of u genius's can help me with these. Thank you, bya.

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