wireless cards won't work


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I have a wireless pci card in my main comp and a 11mbs wireless cardbus pc card in my lap top and it will not connect yet by cable it will


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have you told them to connect via ad hoc mode, have you created a network on one of the machines for the other to connect to?

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windows key+r



scroll down to wireless zero configuration, and make sure it's started

if that doesn't work, reinstall the drivers


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perris said:
what makes you sure the wirless router is broadcasting?
I have seen no mention of a router yet in this thread :p

What is the router or WAP point and how is it configured? Usually there is some configuration required - these things cannot work securely out of the box....


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I have no router just the pci card in my main comp and the cardbus in my lap top i was told it will work with just these !!!!


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Someone put Kev straight and give him some links, somehow I do not have the heart :eek:

You might need to tell us a lityle more about what you want to do here also - I am guessing just connect the two wirelessly - but if you aim to share an internet connection and have some kit already there are more options (routers can have modems incorporated) at minimum I think you wiull need a WAP (Wireless access point) to broadcast the signal.

It is possible one of the cards you have is doing this - again we need more detail.

Also tell us if you are using 802.11b or the more recent 80211.g

Then we can recommend how to get it working - the good news is prices are pretty reasonable for the bits you might be missing now.


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Mainframeguy is right. You will need a wireless router to use the internet with both machines. Without it all you can do is network between the 2 machines without internet access. It usually goes...cable modem, router, then machines w/NICS. I recommend Linksys, either the BEFW11S4 or the WRT54G, the first is 802.11b/11mbps and the second is 802.11g/54mbps.

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simply put kev, having a wireless card is only half of what you need...that's the receiver.

you also need the transmitter hooked up to the internet modem.

as mainframe tells you, the transmitters you need are very inexpensive, and when you get it, the disc that comes with it will walk you through the installation...but there you have it


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thanks a lot guys i was told wrong then. for the record i have broad band that goes into my main comp that is allways on i want to sit in my living room and use my lap top which i do at the moment but through a hub and network cable. I would like to do it without the trailing wires so was told to buy a pc card and a card bus pc card as i don't have much money this was the cheapest option i could afford. The cards are both 802.11b 11mbs and are from safecom.Thanks again guys sorry to be a bit thick but i will learn


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I'm not sure if this is what he is trying to do, but if his desktop computer is connected by Cable, then could he not theoryetically (sp?) use internet connection sharing to broadcast a signal to his laptop via wireless from his desktop. That is the only way I can see where you could gain a wireless internet connection without some sort of Wireless Access Point/Router. I believe I have heard that this will work, but I have never tried it and could be totally off the ball here.


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