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Don't use it - it is a real b***er to uninstall (ie pretty tough, it doesn't show up in the control panel >add/remove, and the uninstall option is blocked wtf), I had to do a rollback to a previous start because

a) WinMX didn't work
b) when I ripped it out manually, NAV messed up, !!!??? and needed a reinstall.

When I used a previous version I did actually manage to download... oh, one song.

Stick with KazaaLIte - the king of P2P!!!!!!!!!!!!


OSNN Addict
thx for the advice madmatt

Will get Norton Cleansweep, I also use System Mechanic but forgot to use it to monitor the install of WinMX, doh!

Will remember next time :) or use Ceansweep - which should be all automated methinks, as I know Norton quite well.


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As long as you monitor the install with CleanSweep, CS will remove everything added when the program was installed, including registry entries. Not even the Add/Remove option does that for you. Good luck in the future.


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Installed Cleansweep, it looks cool - a bit slow searching for apps though, maybe just the first time ????

Anyway, thx for the advice madmatt.


I have never had a problem with Winmx when it comes to removing it. Yea it doesn't snap in to control panel add-remove, but you just del the folder. I think when it comes to adding and remove or upgrading software it is wise to turn any anti-virus software off.

The new ver. of Winmx has all the features of kazza without the spyware...



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Originally posted by riscy
Installed Cleansweep, it looks cool - a bit slow searching for apps though, maybe just the first time ????
This is caused because CS 'sweeps' through your entire system looking for anything linked to the program you want to remove, such as your registry, icons, folders, files, etc. It does take its time, but it works very well.


erm, no problem with WinMX here...everything's fine :rolleyes:

EDIT: btw, it's also on my Add/Remove Programs, so I do not know what is wrong with yours...
existenz - I don't have a probelem WinMX is now removed :)

BTW when I did a search in Google re uninstall of WinMX LOTS of ppl had the same problem and wanted to get rid of it as it was useless.

Glad it works for you - but not everyone likes the same flavour - but the best is DEFINITELY KazaaLite, (IMHO)


Ref: WinMX

I have the new version 3.1 and it shows in the add remove items in the control panel. It works O.K. with mutliple resources.
try this :

go to google and do a search on uninstall WinMX, then read the tales of woe - best to avoid it.

Not just one unhappy user here - it IS a common feature, and you seem to be lucky, purush and existenz.


i dont know i just install winmx last night and it works great, it shows in the add/remove prtograms...........Better than kazza lite?? Dont think so :D

If it is for lookin mp3's the best one is Blubster and audiogalaxy (although aint my fav)

For other stuff i used grokster but since last night i have been getting good results w/winmx

Just my 2 cents


WinMx shows up in my Add/Remove. Another good program to add more servers for Winmx is Napmx. Just search for it and download it.



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