Windows XP SP3 RC2


Not Bman

Everyone is talking about Vista SP1, what about SP3 for XP?

I just installed it and so far so good, no problems. Anyone else installed it?
Too chicken after the Vista SP1 RC problems I had. Does it add anything of note? Is it faster etc?
So far I have not noticed anything different. Which might be a good thing.
The only thing I noticed is that it trashed most of the custom themes the XPSP2 install installed but otherwise it seems to be fine.

They just released a refresh build of XPSP3 RC2
None of my themes were messed with, all fine and dandy.
Well it most likely puts a new uxtheme.dll in there I guess?

XP SP3 doesn't have anything in there that should stop it being immediately deployed. I will need to do a bit of messing around (extra nic driver, raid driver for single disk intel array - muppets) and then it should be good to go on our network.

Then I will be stopping my work on XP deployment for ever and ever, handing it to someone else in time for the e-series :p
I used a customized XPSP2 that included loads of themes. Though as EP said I think that is what it did, updated the uxtheme.dll and I've gotten contact with the person who made the customized install I used to inform him of that but figure it will be a while before it gets fixed and unless I do something to really fubar the install I can live without the themes

found this in my travels
it will be re patched once xp sp3 is final - you can guarantee that :p
I have been using Neowin's Multipatcher for along time, yet not updated for SP3. So I searched around google and found a hacked uxtheme.dll files and used replacer to replace my version, worked great.
I like the fact they are including the hotfix for HD Audio support, bout dang time!
Was easy enough to slipstream that one :)
I integrated every hotfix I could into the SP2 build we have and it must take 10-15 mins longer to install.
when Service pack 3 (RC1) was released last year around November. Many claimed a 10% performance boost vs. the same configuration running under Windows XP w/Service Pack 2.

Under my testing at the time on my Laptop loaded with SP3 I did notice a boost in start up time and some quicker response time when opening up certain programs.

I do not use Windows too much but I when I do, I will be installing it.

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