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Windows x64

Should I reformat for Windows XP Professional x64 or stay with just regular Windows XP Professional? I have an AMD 64+ by the way


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There are a lot of things you have to take into consideration, first and foremost your hardware drivers. You have to make sure they are all available in x64 format. x86 drivers will not work.
It depends. I've been using XP x64 on my desktop for a few months now, and I have drivers for all my hardware and peripherals. Most of your existing 32-bit software should also work just fine, unless it installs some kind of driver or shell extension. Many software vendors have also started coming out with native 64-bit applications as well. The only app I currently miss on my x64 box is Windows Desktop Search, but other than that, everything runs great.

Check out some of the threads in the XP x64 forum to get an idea of what people's experiences are:

You can also take a look at the x64 wiki that I set up. It's a work-in-progress, but it lists compatible and incompatible software and hardware. Some of our other members have also been contributing to it, so if you decide to go with x64, you might be able to help us out by letting us know of anything that's missing in the list.

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Its stable but third party vendors like Logitech and Creative (to some extent) are really letting things down.

Logitech are being particularly pathetic having promised webcam drivers 9 months ago, releasing and then withdrawing drivers.

I have a tech support ticket that, on the same page, states that they are

- Commited to releasing drivers for the OS
- Have no plans to support the OS at this time.
- Have never worked on drivers
- Released drivers and then withdrew them due to technical difficulties.

I am pretty close to asking them where I can mail my camera back to, not decided whether to destory it first or not.


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its as stable as XP or 2003 server (on which it is based). No problems really :) (oh i need a blue tooth dongle driver)
thanks for the reply guy's, here's another question which I shoudl have included in my first post :nervous: what are the positives upgrading to x64, i.e. system performance, apps like tmpgencplus, etc

thx again!


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see i always thought that since the os was 64 it would not be faster, boy was i wrong when i did some research, when i get my laptop back im probably ganna install x64 because the bastards fromatted my hard drive with me strictly telling them not to. anyways i think stability is also one of the positives?


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well since the os is 64 bit, it is faster. its difficult to tell for me since when i upgraded I upgraded my PC substantially, so difficult to compare direct speeds. 64 bit apps should see a performance increase under heavy load. Stability is very god but then again I never had a problem with XP
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I'm sorry Hal...
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themafia.69 said:
whats your problem?

I've never had a problem with stablity that wasn't the result of me installing a huge amount of crap

My point was since i didn't have aproblem with normal XP its hard to judge any increase in x64. What? whats the problem with that? huh?
Khayman's right. Honestly, if you have major stability issues with XP, don't expect any miracles from XP x64. The instability is almost certainly coming from poorly written third-party software, crap hardware, or shoddy drivers. Every OS has its bugs and issues, but you should NOT be experiencing major hangs, crashes and freezes under normal circumstances with XP, whether it be the 32-bit version of x64.

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