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Windows x64 boot hangups


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Anybody out there with Windows x64 Pro having problems with bootup after installing Windows Upates? This problem has happened almost everytime I've upated my Windows. It is making me crazy! I have my Windows Update set so that I get notified that I have updates and load them when I get a chance, which worked very well until I updated it twice. The OS hangs at the boot splash screen and just hangs and hangs, wierd, freeking wierd. I then have to soft boot my computer, it boots to the trouble shooting screen and then I have to pick an option ( usually Last known good ). It then boots normally and a balloon pops up and tells me I have updates ready to download. Ya know it is one of those ...... huh, moments. So I have stopped updating when the balloon pops up and instead I go to the Windows Update page in Microsoft and I do not have a problem. So what gives, anybody else having this problem?

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