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Dumb question but will vista replace media center as well??

I would think so, but I figured I'd ask...

ming said:
Question on Vista - can you still turn thumbnails off?
Yes, you can. There are lots of different views/sizes you can choose from.

mlakrid said:
Dumb question but will vista replace media center as well??
I would think so, but I figured I'd ask... :D
Yes, Vista will include Media Center and Tablet PC (digital ink) functionality. Preliminary versions are already included in the beta bits.
BillG's keynote at CES yesterday also had a demo of the HD DVD support and the new Vista MCE UX.


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i wonder if it's gonna include the one feature they were stressing in the earlier stages of Vista/later stages of Longhorn..... that when you start up a game, everything else that is not necessary to run the game is shut down, like Explorer and stuff. Still think that would've been one of the better features. would pretty much turn a PC into a Console in terms of gaming then, cause all that would be running is the game itself.

Like the site though. hate how they're bringing back the Sidebar. one big resource hog if you ask me (or at least it was in Longhorn......)


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kcnychief said:

When will Vista be up on the OSNN SFTP? ;)
Members/peons don't get access even if it was/is. ;)

Anyway, nice site, have added the RSS feed to my aggregator to check for updates. :)

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